Pattaya one of the largest cities of tourism in the World

Pattaya is situated in the southeastern part of Bangkok - the capital city of Thailand. Pattaya has lot to offer tourists. It is filled with lot of wonderful attractions and this made the city from any Nations a popular tourist attraction all year around.
When we talk about Thailand, we usually think about Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket, which are major cities and these cities already gain global reputation. However, let's have a look at the east coast region of Thailand, there is a province called "Chonburi" where the location of Pattaya city.
Unlike any other city, Pattaya has number of tourists as equal as big major cities of Thailand. For example, Chiang Mai or Phuket may have large number of tourists only in peak season or during winter season. But for city like Pattaya, travellers can visit Pattaya city easy from Bangkok or abroad throughout the year and that's why the number of tourists of Pattaya city more rising as many of major cites in Thailand.

Pattaya was a small unknown fishing village in Thailand till the end of 1960s. By the end of 1960s, some Bangkok residents came here to spend their vacation and made it a local tourist spot. It was used as an official rest and recreation center For the US forces during the Vietnam War. The city's growth to vibrant tourist center was very fast and now-a-days it is considered as Thailand's largest beach resort.
Pattaya, the beach resort with city status, holds a lot of attraction for every one. Unlike other resorts around the world, Pattaya has good natural surroundings and provides everything you think regarding recreation, entertainment, fun and sightseeing. It is ideal for all kinds of travelers including sports enthusiastic, couples of all ages looking for a break and leisure and those who are just looking for warm sunshine.

You can have the opportunity to visit open-air bars, nightclubs, cabaret shows and discos in the truly vibrant night life. South Pattaya with his famous Walking-Street considered as the biggest nightlife center of Thailand. Shopping can be an evening attraction and you can buy Thailand's best buys such as silk, gems and jewelry, tailor made clothing and handicrafts from the malls and night markets of Pattaya.

Numerous accommodation facilities are available in Pattaya including luxury hotels with private beaches, bay side hotels and bungalows, economy class hotels and guest houses. Unlike other places a wide range of restaurants are available throughout Pattaya which offers food from all around the World like Chinese, Indian, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Belgian, Malaysian and Mexican cuisines. Everybody can find mouth-watering Thai-Seafood here in Pattaya at reasonable price.

The comfortable way to reach Pattaya is by bus or taxi. Buses and taxis are available from Bangkok's new International Airport – the Hub of South East Asia. This modern Airport with new Highway links direct to Pattaya makes Pattaya accessible in under one hour. The first High-Speed Railway connection is also in planning to connect Pattaya with Bangkok and the Airport. If you like to drive yourself and reach Pattaya then there are lot of options to rent a motorcycle, bike, car or jeep.

There is lot of options for active visitors in Pattaya. It is considered as one of the oldest diving centers in this part of Asia. Facilities for activities such as windsurfing, water skiing, sea walking, swim sunbathing, snorkeling, sailing and fishing are available at reasonable rates.
There is also an option to go for a trip to many offshore islands which have very beautiful beaches as well. You can take water scooters for rent to explore the bay and motorcycles, cars or jeeps to explore the nearby beaches and other tourist spots outside the resort. Tennis lovers can play their favorite game and enjoy in the courts of leading hotels. Pattaya is also a perfect place for golf enthusiasts. There are around 20 golf courses reachable within 30 minutes around Pattaya. Most of the courses have international standard with 18 to 27 holes and all year around favorable weather makes Pattaya to the perfect place to enjoy great golf any time of the year. It is considered as a best place to play golf around the world. You can also enjoy other activities such as bungee jumping, snooker halls, bowling alleys, shooting galleries and archery.

Pattaya is one of the most popular beaches in Thailand and is a mind-blowing place for both tourists and natives alike. The reason why Pattaya has became most popular among the tourists is that the city is situated near the big shopping centers like Carrefour, Central-Group, Tesco-Lotus,Makro, Foodland, Royal Garden Plaza and hotels like Amari-Group,Ambassador-Group,City-Group and so on. Pattaya holds a large amusement center with water park attractions, a roller coaster, a monorail and fun attractions for children. There are several other attractions which Pattaya can offer including places for go-cart racing, a Floating Market like in Bangkok,the world famous Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, the Pattaya Beach Resort Water Park, the Underwater World Zoo, the Sri Racha Tiger Zoo and Funny Land Amusement Park, Crocodile Farms and Museums and so on. Visitors and Residents can find everything they need and like 24 hours a day in Pattaya City Beach Resort Thailand.